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  • I am the president and founder of Big Boss Limo. I always think if i am the consumer what would i like for myself, my family and friends? Big boss limo is established on the basis of this simple theory. As far i believe almost all the limousine services and other businesses have a page named about us. I didn't see even a single word about negativity of any company so far. In each website of Limousine companies every one claim that they are the best of rest. If that is true then what's the hell Guinness world book of record is doing. Simply the best, the best of rest. These terms looks meaningless to me. If these terms are true in limo Industry why clients are attracted to Big Boss and the other new Limo companies. We never claimed that we are the best in the world, But our dedication, our commitments and our services proved that we are just doing our job with a touch of perfection.

  • When many businesses in USA were in the process of closing. We step forward and started in peak of recession and in very short period we earned good reputation in entire tristate leaving big fish in the dust. Here are a few of the solid reasons that travelers throughout tristate are using our services. So I named the page Why Us?

  • PUNCTUALITY. No Limo Company in tristate can beat our punctuality ratio. Anything else couldn't be proper for your standard. But our Vehicle will be there on time. That is our main Mission.

  • SATISFACTION..Definitely we know that if our services and rates are not satisfactory, sooner or later we will loose our clients in competitive market. We prefer not to take the business, than to lose it.

  • Mostly drivers are the share holders of BIG BOSS LIMO. So they focus on the service. They don't like to loose the client. In some NY Limo Companies if client went to stop by nature call that will be considered an extra stop. Do those companies provide wash room facility in their vehicles? of course not then why it is considered an additional stop.

  • 24/HR SERVICE..We are here to serve you 24hr. Sunshine or snow, nothing affects our services.

  • HOLD ON PLEASE, No tedious hold on please. Automated services are cheap that every company is using. In Big Boss Limo no automated service. All the time live operator for your service. We take the call or miss the chance and No one in business will like to choose the 2nd option.

  • COMMITMENT. If we take your Reservation. Now we are committed. So please just take care of the rest of stuff we are committed to take care of your limo transportation. And we mean that.

  • OPEN RATE BOOK....No tricky coupons, no late night, no early morning, no busy hour, no peak season,there are one hundred and one way and reasons for limo Companies to rip off their clients, That is the reason we are ripping their clients off. That is not the policy in Big Boss Limo. We believe in long term and long lasting relationships.